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Always hire passionate professionals with experience.

The lab rats of have backed artistsĀ as a
rhythm section since 2007.

And to name some, we made a list. Here is a part of it.

  • Torsten deWinkel
  • Chima
  • Mike Stern
  • Bengio
  • The Thiams
  • Wyn Davies
  • Butch Williams
  • Russ Spiegel
  • Rola
  • Andreas Schmidt-Martelle
  • Jaquee
  • Sherita
  • Harold Todd (Lenny Kravitz)
  • Eamonn McCormack
  • Godin Guitars (MusicMesse)
  • Adrian Janick
  • Craig Scala (Canada)
  • Tertia
  • Penang Jazz Festival

MARC plays the bass, and BENNO plays the drums.
And we bring friends to play with us, as needed.

Get in touch: contact
(Labrat “AT” fraudlab “DOT” Co)